St Margaret’s Hedge opinion poll results

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Between 13th February 2016 and 28th February 2016, an opinion poll was conducted among all parishioners of the Catholic Parish of Belper and Duffield. The purpose of the opinion poll was to allow the Parish Pastoral Council to make an informed decision over how to proceed with the hedge at St Margaret’s in Duffield.


The opinion poll was conducted by means of a vote with three different options. Voting sheets and ballot boxes were available at both Our Lady’s in Belper and St Margaret’s in Duffield. The voting sheets were marked with the location where they had been provided. The voting sheets had to be signed in order to detect multiple votes.

Options presented for voting

Option A: Leave the current hedge in place, pay for annual maintenance, which is £1,200 per annum.
Option B: Remove entire hedge, replace with knee height fencing, plus low bushes in certain areas to support wildlife. One-off costs are £2,800 with no maintenance costs.
Option C: Remove hedge along Hall Farm Road, replace with knee height fencing; keep hedges at the sides. One-off costs are estimated at £850 with annual maintenance estimated at £900 per annum.


The numbers of votes returned were as follows:

Total voted Option A Option B Option C Rejected
Belper 46 5 (11%) 35 (80%) 4 (9%) 2
Duffield 29 7 (24%) 18 (62%) 4 (14%) 0
Total 75 12 (16%) 53 (73%) 8 (11%) 2

One parishioner voted twice, once in Belper and once in Duffield, but chose the same option – his vote cast in Belper was removed from the numbers above. One vote was rejected because no name was given, and another vote was rejected because none of the choices given were selected.

St Margaret’s Hedge opinion poll results


The outcome of the opinion poll is very clear – in total, 73% of the parishioners hold the opinion that the hedge should be removed entirely and replaced with knee height fencing. Amongst the parishioners in Duffield, 62% prefer this option.

Niels Sören Richthof, 28/02/2016

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