Altar Servers

Altar servers

We are really lucky to have an amazing number of Servers in our parish who all regularly serve at both Belper masses. They are a range of ages and attend lots of different schools in the area. Many of them have “grown up” in the parish and became Servers after their 1st Holy Communion. They have been serving for a lot of years and have become real assets when it comes to assisting at Mass and can take the lead in any peer training and support needed when new Servers join. There are friends and siblings who serve together and all the servers swap around and cover each others’ dates if one can’t make it to a particular Mass or if they see that an extra Server is needed.

The Servers are member of the Guild of St Stephen and each year they renew their commitment by making a solemn Promise. They promise to serve regularly with reverence and understanding for the glory of God and the service of His church. Once a Server has made this Promise he/she can wear the medal of St Stephen.

Of course, parents play a huge part in supporting their Servers, not least getting them to and from Mass.

Next time you’re at Mass, have a look at the Servers and say a prayer of thanks and appreciation for all our amazing, dedicated Servers.