Baptismal Preparation

For parents, the arrival of a baby in the family is one of life’s most joyful events. Children are such a beautiful gift that it is natural to want to give thanks and seek God’s blessing on this new life. Children also make parents aware of their responsibility to bring them up to the best of their ability. They look to the Church for help in doing this, aware perhaps that ‘the family that prays together, stays together’. Christian Baptism is more than this, though. It is also a graced sign of God’s love. Through the waters of baptism we enter into the mystery of Christ’s dying and rising. As such, baptism is the rite of entry into membership of the Church by which we become children of God.

Baptism preparation courses are organised three times a year to gather together parents who want to be prepared for their children’s baptism. This way you can meet and get to know other couples at the same stage in their lives as yourselves. In a warm and friendly parish such as we have at Belper and Duffield, it is easy to make friends. Normally the courses are held after the 11am Mass on a Sunday for two consecutive weeks. They will help you understand what baptism is all about and give you an outline of the rite of Baptism. Once the preparation sessions have been held, dates can then be arranged for your child’s baptism.

At the first session there will be no formal instruction – this is a chance to meet other families interested in baptism, as well as some of our other parishioners, in an informal setting.   At the end of the Mass, please join our parishioners in the parish room.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served.

For the second session, we’ll have a coffee or tea after Mass, and then kick off the session in the main part of the church once everyone has arrived, usually about 12.30pm. We will be talking about Baptism and what it means to you, as well as covering the information you will need to know for the celebration itself and giving you the chance to ask any questions you may have. We aim to finish in an hour or so.

For 2020 we have tentatively scheduled the following dates for the baptismal preparation program:

  • 8th and 15th March
  • 10th and 17th May
  • 4th and 11th October

Any changes or additional dates will be posted on the website as they are scheduled.

If you are interested in having your child baptised, please make an appointment to see our priest, Father Michael Kirkham. He is responsible for booking specific dates for the baptism celebration itself. In our parish, Baptism is generally celebrated on Sunday at 12.30pm in Our Lady’s Church, following the 11am Mass. It would be appreciated if you could fill in the Baptism Application Form prior to your meeting, which will provide information for our Baptismal records and parish register.

If you would like further information about the baptismal preparation sessions, please contact our catechists, Sherri or Lucy, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.